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    • Freeze on Fees!
    • 03 April 2019
    • We're excited to announce that we're initiating a freeze on all Commissions, Membership Fees and Charges until at least 2021.

      Whilst the way our fees are calculated is similar in approach to third parties, as TEC is a "Not for Profit" organisation we apply a fees cap so that we don't make excessive charges to larger energy consumers and to reflect an activity based costing approach.

      With calculations based initially on a p/kwh calculation, resultant charges are collected on a pence per day basis as part of the standing charge made by the supplier. This way we do not benefit from an increase in energy consumption should the British Weather come into play.

      Caps, collection on a pence per day basis and bi annual reviews mean that TEC’s charges remain fair and transparent at all times and we're also rolling out a host of value-added services during 2019 at absolutely no additional cost.

      Our mission, above all else, is to champion the interests of the membership by delivering cost-reduction and sustainable energy solutions.