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    • Ofgem approves taskforce to tackle unidentified gas issue
    • 19 July 2018
    • During our recent workshops, we discussed the issues around the Unidentified Gas (UIG) changes following the Project Nexus implementation in 2017. Below is a link to an article from Utility week which features the MOD (Modification to the Uniform Network Code, UNC), where we are supporting Corona Energy.

      The narrative and links go into great depth on the subject matter; however as the issue is forecast to put another 3.5% on both domestic and business supplies, we want everyone to understand and be aware of the root causes.

      We will continue to lobby the industry and support Corona and our other suppliers to get the situation to a steady state as quickly as possible for our members. In the meantime, we will update you when we receive further information and of course, keep your budgetary position reflective of the latest direction.

      Utility Week Article: