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    • Swansea University’s ‘buildings as power stations’ project backed by UK government funding
    • 27 October 2017
    • The funding, delivered by Innovate UK, will be used to construct the UK’s first energy positive Active Office, capable of generating more energy than it uses.

      The building will be manufactured using cutting edge off-site manufacturing techniques and incorporate cutting edge, innovative energy harvest, storage and release technologies. The building will be completed by April 2018 and will be occupied immediately by up to 40 members of staff.

      SPECIFIC is led by Swansea University and works with more than 50 partners from academia, industry and government to deliver its vision for buildings as power stations thatgenerate, store and release solarenergy.

      The Active Office will be linked to the Active Classroom – an existing space which provides teaching space and a laboratory for Swansea University students, as well as a building-scale development facility for SPECIFIC and its industry partners.

      Active Office key features:

      • A unique combination of technologies for the generation, storage and release of solar energy – both heat and electricity
      • Connected – it will be able to share solar energy with the Active Classroom, demonstrating how the ‘buildings as power stations’ concept could help to support energy resilient communities
      • Occupied – it will be used as an office for up to 40 people, enabling the concept to be tested and validated with a genuine energy profile
      • Uses off-site construction methods, assembled on site
      • Repeatable design

      Professor Richard Davies, Vice Chancellor of Swansea University, said:

      “It is exciting to see SPECIFIC’s innovative ‘buildings as power stations’ concept becoming a practical reality.  The Active Office at our magnificent Bay Campus follows closely on the heels of the ground-breaking Active Classroom.  As well as demonstrating what is now possible off the grid, the new building will share energy with the Active Classroom, showing how buildings can work together to create energy resilient communities.”

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