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You are selecting a partner to support you in the delivery of the four cornerstones for an effective energy management strategy;

  •  Buy energy at the “right price”.
  •  Only pay for what you use.
  •  Only use what you have to.
  •  Capability to report.

Trust TEC to deliver on these through;

  • A range of energy procurement options including managed flexible procurement. This leverages the significant Member volume under contract to deliver lower supplier margins.
  • All the benefits of an A credit rated aggregated portfolio with similar usage profile, something all suppliers’ value.
  • Access to energy billing information via a variety of platforms to help ensure that the correct elements and rates are being applied to your bills.
  • Delivery of demand management and energy efficiency products through comprehensive additional service arrangements with Framework suppliers.
  • A full suite of reporting allowing Members to see previous energy consumed and purchased. Reports on budgeting for energy sourced through TEC frameworks but yet to be consumed. Also independent market intelligence reports included to help support decision making on how and when we buy your energy.

We will engage fully to specify and deliver a service (via a Framework) if we don’t provide what a Member needs, to complement what we already provide because if you need it, someone else will benefit too.


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